Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday!!!!!

       Wow, It's been a real quiet day at the shop..I'm sure this horrible rain is not helping..But I did get everything ready for the big blow out sale tomorrow...So all you bargain shoppers out there make sure you stop by and check us out....

Also,As I have an obseesion for purses I thought I would do a whats in your purse post..
So here it is....
*The Purse is vintage and one of my favorite.....(I have sold most of my purses now and do need to find some more to fill the gaps in my closet more on that in mondays post)
*The wallet is made by a company that is called Depeche Mode..I know I was thinking the samething....Wouldn't that be cool if it was designed by the band Depeche Mode or am i just showing my age and none of you(all 9 of you that read my blog..and I thank you for that..)know who they are????
*The little green book my best friend in England gave me. Its where i keep all my little bits of inspiration, recipes(because I like to think I can cook) blogs, websites ect....
*Pink phone(still learning how to use it)I hate shopping for things like that. So I always send hubby and he seems to think I like pink phones as this is the third one he has picked for me...
*Lip balms times three..I hate lipstick but do like lip balm..I dont actually like the brown tube its to thick and gooey..but I cant bring myself to throw it away...
*keys-self explanatory
*Banana I sort of forget to eat when I get busy and then my sugar levels drop so this carries me over until i can get a meal...
*Sharpies & Bracelet I have had to go back to Starbucks part-time so the sharpies are for writing on the cups and the bracelet is to cover my tattoo as we cant have them showing :0(
And thats it....
Hope you have a great weekend.....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weekly Compairison

Items in this set:
Elizabeth and James Summer Cohen Super Check Button Down Shirt - Red, $225
7 For All Mankind Roxanne Skinny Jeans - Destroyed beverly glen, $200
Sam Edelman Portia - Saddle, $225
Marc by Marc Jacobs TLY TRNLK SASH, $460
Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply Necklace, $78

So this week is a little different as I had to go with black accessories instead of brown..As thats what I had in the store...But Im sure this looks just as good..And check out the price difference..Shopping consignment is the best way to go......

Jeans Stone Love   $12.99
Shirt Target            $6.99
Boots  Chinese Laundry  $22.99
Purse Vintage          $15.99
Bracelet             $8.99
Earrings        $5.49
Necklace       $6.99
Belt            $4.99
Total  $85.42  You get the whole outfit for almost the same price as just the necklace on the set above....Great deal...

Love it.....

I just love everything about this picture... First off she is beautiful and then the hair, the clothes, even the pose is great....
Pretty sure I saw this on The Sartorialist Check this blog out its fantastic..They have a book out too..You can pick it up at Anthropologie

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rainy Tuesday.....

 My friend Tyler came into town and we had so much fun..She came up to the shop and we hung out for hours..And when we didn't have any customers, we played dress up and took photos...Now as i said before I don't like having my photo taken. So I think I did a pretty good job of hiding my face,What do you think...
Thanks Tyler for a great day of laughing,chatting and drinking wine..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

So this week has been long and hard (not that I am complaining ok maybe I am). But im excited for tomorrow a good friend is coming into town and she is coming over for a girls night with wine food and Gossip...FUN....
I so need to give my brain a break from the stress of running my store.Now, don't get me wrong I love my little store but the worry everyday of am I going to hit my target today or even sell one item is starting to wear me out...I believe in my self and my store but its just hard sometimes to keep your chin now I got that off my chest..Thank you for listening..
      I did finish this piece(I named her Charlie) this week. And it was heading for the store but oops it got stuck in my living room and just wouldn't budge..I think it looks happy there..What do you think???

Have a flippin fantastic weekend....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

recycle reuse reduce

So i bought this vintage piece of lace-doilie at an estate sale last week and just kept looking at it to see what way i could reuse it..So here is what i came up with..So tell me your thoughts..I would love to hear what you think..
PS..If you like them they are for sale in the shop:0)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines day came early!!!!

Pink and Orange
Originally uploaded by Sofia Katariina

My hubby doesn't often surprise me but he did today!!!I walked into my store in my own little world(praying that I am going to be busy..and as I get to the cash counter..OH my!!!!FLOWERS,FLOWERS,FLOWERS!!!!!He had snuck in right before I got there and delivered Three different arrangements of my favorite flowers as well as a box of chocolates and a hot latte...I love my hubby..And yes I know I am spoiled:0)

So I hope all of you lovelies, weekend starts off as good as mine!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Tired

Im so looking forward to Sunday..Not because its Valentines(I mean that's a plus)But because I can sleep in and relax..Who am I kidding!! The sleeping in will hopefully happen if the dogs comply, but the relaxing..not a chance..So much to do..I just got hired by one of my lovely customers to make the jewelry and hairpieces for her wedding..Very excited  So now I'm on a mission of Grey and Aubergine..
   Anyways thought I do a quick post of the pieces i just finished...If you are interested in any of them just give me a holler..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weekly Comparison

Miranda Kerr's Street Style
I know I havent done this in awhile...My computer has its own mind and will only be kind once in awhile.Today seems to be a good day..
The top outfit cost well over $2000.00 and the bottom one from BOHO Boutique.....
Jacket   $14.99(brand new still has tags)Vintage
Jeans    $15.99 BEBE
Tank     $3.99 old navy
Scarf     $10.49 handmade by local artist
Shoes   $15.49 now half price Steve Madden
Purse    $ 15.99 vintage
If your purse strings are as tight as mine right now, you have to be smart by shopping consignment and thrift..Not only will you save lots and lots you will also be the individual in the pack..
Happy Wed..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunnyside up

Sillón naranja
Originally uploaded by la cabeza de maria antonieta

I don't think i can handle another day of gray and rain..So I found this to brighten our day... I love it, it's so bright and cheery...Happy Tuesday!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dresses,Dresses,and even more dresses....

I am loving dresses right now..I just cant get enough off them..But as monies is very tight right now, I just get to look and not buy..But and its a big but, we are doing our taxes over the next couple of weeks and I might just might be able to do a little dress shopping..yey me!!!
   Tomorrow look for some pics from my shop.....

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Monday!!

Just a quick post today..I just love the soft colors and flowing material of these two makes me feel like spring is just around the corner... BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!Moving items and cleaning the store today!!!
Pics from