Friday, May 29, 2009


So, I have been open for a week and a couple of days and have meet some great people some odd ones to but I guess you cant pick and choose who comes thru the door.. I'm very happy with the reactions from them they all seem to love the look and feel.Now if I could just get them to spend some or more money then I will be a very happy lady..
So just on a side note I need to get this off my chest..I use to be a manager for starbucks and now just work in the morning until my store is making money(hopefully soon..)anyways, this morning I was in drive thru and we had run out of flat lids for our iced cups but did have the dome ones(so you could still have your drink and be happy)well that's what I thought until this lady drove up to the window and tore into poor maggie..because you know it was all her fault..
But really is this what we have become that we have to be mean and rude to people just because we don't have the right lid..I'm sorry but did I miss something ,don't we have bigger worries like the war,cancer people losing there homes and jobs..Sorry but really we should be grateful for what we have and not stress about a dam lid..

So back to the store...yes its good could definitely be busier, but I'm not complaining just saying..
My store is in the old part of our town and I love it I love the street and the atmosphere...we have two old movie theatres oh but they don't show movies anymore they put on plays with local actors and we have a downtown Tues night thinging with old cars and live music..And the best thing is I I live 5 minutes a way and can ride my bike to work..A pink cruiser with a wicker basket made in England no less..
Ive made my store alot like my home comfy come in put your feet up stay for a hour..That reminds me I need to bring water and teas for when it gets over a hundred. (STICKY)I like it light and airy luckily I have loads of windows which also means I can people watch all day ,another one of my hobbies..And if I'm really bored or have no customers I can play dress up now what women wouldn't want to do that..
I think I'm going to do that have a ladies night of wine,cheese and dress up...That would be fun..wouldn't it??

Thursday, May 28, 2009

First time for everything........

So there seems to be alot of first for me right now..making my dream a reality and opening my own clothing boutique,starting a blog(scary)if you know me you would no the computer petrifies me..Also does anyone really care what I have to say??

So anyway,Here we go..

A little bio on me I have wanted to open my own clothing store for about 20 years but getting married and having children definitely put that on hold..I have a fantastic family..My husband is english and we have been together for 20 years and I have 3 beautiful children..cara 23-lee 22 and Josh 19..We moved to California 8 years ago to give our kids a better life..England is fantastic but not the best for teenage kids..So we gave up our jobs sold our house said goodbye to our family and friends and moved here..Has it been easy? not at all,was it worth it? most definitely! Life here is just....I don't know just all around better..Its hard to explain.

The one drawback is fashion. England is fantastic for being Hip and daring where as California (suburbia) is boring..Everyone dresses the same and when the women turn 40 they seem to be stuck in the same rut and never step out of their comfort zone.Why is that???Holiday turtlenecks,Christmas sweaters they should all be burned up!!!!
I remember growing up my mum(she is english)always bought us clothes that were the top fashion in england,but as we lived in Riverside,Calif and everyone wore 501 and izod polos(remember those? it was the early 80's) the kids always teased us..Anyways I loved the clothes and looking different to all my friends, so I blame my passion for fashion on my dear mum..

Getting back on track, so last year was the worst year of my life(so far)and I decided this year was going to be different so with the total backing of my husband and kids I gave up my management job and opened BOHO Boutique and Consignment..whew.
And I have to tell you even with the worry are people going to come and buy clothes, will they like my style, will I make rent the list could go on forever..I LOVE IT..
I walk thru the door every morning and smile its mine all mine I can do what I want, which is to help ladies of all ages look great at affordable prices whilst also reducing the environmental impact and helping and being part of the community
All my passion wrapped up in one store, now If I could just love the computer a little more I could start to enjoy doing this blogging thing:0)