Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My website is complete...YEAH

I am so excited. Things are moving so quickly. I now have a web site www.mybohoboutique.com My husband completed it for me I think he did a great job for his first attempt but let me know what you think.... I have just recieved in a great dresser its solid and looks great so if anyone is decorating and needs a new dresser to put all their new clothes they bought from BOHO come check it out.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Getting scared

WOW its been quiet..Starting to get a little nervous ..But everyone keeps saying it takes time and I know that but it doesn't stop me from thinking did I really give up a paying job with benefits and perks...Then I remember I hated my job the stress and worry about whether I was good at it or doing it right and now I only have my self to answer to..

I'm off to lake Tahoe for the weekend for a bit of R&R and some shopping, there is a flea market up there that I'm hoping I will be able to find some treasures at for the store..I will let you know what I find..

I'm still figuring out this blogging thing and hopefully will be able to download some pictures soon..bear with me..

well talk to you next week

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mother & Daughter

I use to love the three shopping seasons of the year,summer,winter and the start of the school year..My mum, sister and I would would go on off to the mall and it would begin...Me, finding everything so exciting and cool and my sister fighting with my mum because she hated shopping and couldn't find anything she liked(she is still the same, I have to go with her when we see each other..)My mum was the best at helping me and telling me how great I looked..Sadly she passed away last year and I wont get to do that again..But we did get one last shopping trip in when she came over from England 2 years ago..We were in Venice Beach where my sister lives and went down to main street and hit all the little boutiques it was so much fun..I remember it like it was yesterday..We always had the best time trying to find things that were different and fabulous..
The reason I was reflecting on this was...
This weekend in my store I had three sets of mums and daughters come in and shop and it brought back those memories of how much fun it is to shop with your mum..And it also was refreshing to see three totally different young ladies want to know what their mums thought of the clothes they were trying on and wanting their input and advice and enjoying themselves.. And realizing that we don't spend enough time with our mums or daughters..
So next month I'm going to do a mum and daughter shopping evening at my store with drinks ,cheese and crackers, and of course cupcakes..Take their picture and just have some fun for a few hours...If it is a success, I think I will do it on a regular basis..What a perfect way to spend a couple of hours with your mum or daughter, well unless you are my sister!!