Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Boutique

This little black dress is heaven it feels gorgeous and looks divine....
Casual at its best..The necklace is hand made by a friend of mine she uses recycled copper(ingenious)
Casual Friday anyone..I heart this purse its my favorite..soft leather and great fabric...

This dress in a vintage 80's can you call 80's vintage yet??well anyways it beautiful and I paired it with a pair of real "vintage"red pumps..
And just for fun I took one with my cowboy boots..i love them soo much I pair them with anything & everything..
This skirt came in today its a really heavy linen..and would look great in the winter with a cute little sweater or cardi and a belt..
A beautiful blue vintage prom dress.. I love it...

All these clothes are from my Consignment Boutique..It just goes to prove you can get beautiful clothes at half the price and save a little bit of the earth at the same time...recycle reuse reduce..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The weekend

Well this weekend has had its ups and downs..
I had to close the boutique early on Saturday as my air conditioning is broken and it was 96 degrees in there..but on the flip side of that i was home early for my anniversary.. And the present he made me was sooo great..its a rustic cupboard that's stays outside to store all my paints and junk, for doing up refurbished furniture for the boutique..

Our living room

And then Sunday I repainted our Living room a nice light color...and then decided our couch needs to go its to I did some window shopping on line for a new couch and came up with a couple what do you think..they will have to stay on my wish list for a while though.. Photo's are from the Anthropology website

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy weekend

Happy weekend to all....
I love this picture ..the water looks so refreshing especially as its over 100 degrees here..And the nails.Love them!!!

But in all reality what I will be doing this weekend is cleaning my office and doing some weeding in my veggie garden..Don't get me wrong i love working in the yard as well as having a tidy office, especially if my office looked like this one...(style escape desk)

But i did hit some great garage sales this morning and found a fabulous mirror and curtains for our to come soon..And today is my 17th wedding anniversary ..and as money is tight (as it is for everyone these days )we are making each other gifts so I'm excited to see what hubby as come up with when I get home from work...
Everyone have a fantastic weekend!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yesterday I was going thru my huge pile of tear outs from magazines(something I learned from my mum,she started doing it in the 70's I think I might even still have some of them somewhere)and came across some of my I thought I would post some for you to see..I love this room I could just picture sitting there reading the Sunday paper and drinking my cup of coffee.And what's even better is that all the furniture is recycled or made with Eco friendly materials..(Alicia Silverstone has a great eye for design as well as a passion for the environment)Instyle Home Magazine Spring 2007
There are times when I really miss England....I love this picture of the London Eye Looking over a very grey London..England at its best!I found an article about these purses in Country Living Magazine.They are handmade by women from Kenya & Madagascar and the profits go back to help these families gain financial independence..I heart these so much I want them all..I really want to sell them in the boutique. I think it is a fantastic cause...Check out there website www.madimports.netI have always loved Helena Christensen she just has a natural beauty..And the dress is just gorgeous..I want it!!!!!I think this dress is cant see her feet but I just imagine she is wearing cowboy boots..I love mixing the unexpected in fashion..

well have a fantastic Wednesday!!!Im hoping to do some shopping tonite to but a new outfir for my very first ladies night at BOHO Boutique tomorrow..

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Friday.....

Happy weekend everyone..I hope you are all have a wonderful weekend..Me, I'm off to garage sales on Saturday morning while hubby opens the Boutique..then back to work and setting up the shoe room for next week..Shoes are starting to look like a rug on the floor there are so many of them..Shame none of them are my size except for the ones I'm selling that were mine..
we are opening up and again on Sundays to try and bring in some more business hope it works..I kind of like my Sundays off..And then in the evening a BBQ for my husbands B-day with friends and family..Cant wait veggie burgers and wine, perfect end to a busy weekend..
Talk to you next week..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finally getting there

So, The gap between my blogs are very long and I'm sorry for that..It is taking me quite awhile to figure this whole thing out and adding pictures well lets just say...I feel like I need my 9 year old nephew to be around 24/7 as he is more computer literate then I am..
We did get our website going which is fantastic..And the boutique is getting alot of praise and word of mouth seems to be helping us alot..we have had to expand within the store and now have opened the vanity room..and are currntly working on the shoe room which I would love to call shoegasm as people who know me know I love shoes..but as I have young ladies coming in the store I don't quite think that is appropriate..So I will have to come up with some other name..Watch this space

We are having our very first Ladies night Shopping, Beverages, Food and Discounts what could be better....I'm hoping it is a success as I would like to do it every couple of months.Things have been a little quiet lately so I'm keeping my fingers crossed..
I have met a couple of other consignment store owners and they say that June and July are always slow, I think if I had known that I would of opted to open in August,but you live and learn..Well until next time have a great day...