Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finally getting there

So, The gap between my blogs are very long and I'm sorry for that..It is taking me quite awhile to figure this whole thing out and adding pictures well lets just say...I feel like I need my 9 year old nephew to be around 24/7 as he is more computer literate then I am..
We did get our website going which is fantastic..And the boutique is getting alot of praise and word of mouth seems to be helping us alot..we have had to expand within the store and now have opened the vanity room..and are currntly working on the shoe room which I would love to call shoegasm as people who know me know I love shoes..but as I have young ladies coming in the store I don't quite think that is appropriate..So I will have to come up with some other name..Watch this space

We are having our very first Ladies night Shopping, Beverages, Food and Discounts what could be better....I'm hoping it is a success as I would like to do it every couple of months.Things have been a little quiet lately so I'm keeping my fingers crossed..
I have met a couple of other consignment store owners and they say that June and July are always slow, I think if I had known that I would of opted to open in August,but you live and learn..Well until next time have a great day...

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