Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yesterday I was going thru my huge pile of tear outs from magazines(something I learned from my mum,she started doing it in the 70's I think I might even still have some of them somewhere)and came across some of my I thought I would post some for you to see..I love this room I could just picture sitting there reading the Sunday paper and drinking my cup of coffee.And what's even better is that all the furniture is recycled or made with Eco friendly materials..(Alicia Silverstone has a great eye for design as well as a passion for the environment)Instyle Home Magazine Spring 2007
There are times when I really miss England....I love this picture of the London Eye Looking over a very grey London..England at its best!I found an article about these purses in Country Living Magazine.They are handmade by women from Kenya & Madagascar and the profits go back to help these families gain financial independence..I heart these so much I want them all..I really want to sell them in the boutique. I think it is a fantastic cause...Check out there website www.madimports.netI have always loved Helena Christensen she just has a natural beauty..And the dress is just gorgeous..I want it!!!!!I think this dress is cant see her feet but I just imagine she is wearing cowboy boots..I love mixing the unexpected in fashion..

well have a fantastic Wednesday!!!Im hoping to do some shopping tonite to but a new outfir for my very first ladies night at BOHO Boutique tomorrow..

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