Wednesday, September 23, 2009

best magazine

While I was living in England I was a magazine addict..still am..(hubby just turns a blind eye to the piles of mags everywhere)anyways my favorite one was Livingetc..I bought it from day one and fell in love with everything about it..
Since being in America I have gone to buy Living Etc a few times, but the prices is so high and on our tight budget it would be considered a nono. So i just go to my local Barnes & Noble and devour it..And then I found i could go on there website a very happy lady.
So i thought i would go through and post some great rooms from past editions..all photos can be found on their site under houses..

i love the huge open doors out to their yards....I want that..I also love the all white room with a splash of color and then the texture of the brick outside it feels like its apart of the room.and this room i just love the warmth of the wood floors and the HUGE windows.

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  1. Love these pix...wish we can carry the mag in the store..we carry a danish mag, You should check it out sometime. Waiting for hubby to come by for your pix. Sandy, TTH