Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ive been gone much longer then expected...So sorry...things have been weighing me down for the last few weeks..But more on that in a minute...
But first, we had an absolutely fantastic time with our son while he was on leave from Afghanistan..We went to San Fran..,had parties, went to a beautiful wedding and just hung out.. I cant wait for him to come back again in 6 months and he will be home for a whole month..YEY!!!Please say a little prayer or a big one for that matter for him and all of the men and ladies overseas......

So alot has been going on in our life the last few months and some big decisions are having to be made....But not to bore you I will cut it short..The saddest one was that we had to put my Boutique up for sale..So for the last month we have been trying to sell (and I mean really trying)we have even knocked down the price so much that if someone did buy it they got a steal....But with this economy people are very nervous which I totally understand..But at the same time I really want to see BOHO carry on it's such a cute little store and I really would hate to close the doors for good...So keep your fingers crossed for a buyer to come and save the day....Also just to let you know I will still be doing my furniture, but just from home..

Also it looks like I will have to head off back to England for a little while..I am hoping no longer then a month..And I know what you are all thinking great would that be..Believe me this will not be a vaca .. I am going for family reasons and not fun again keep your fingers crossed that I will be home earlier then a month...

So lets see I have asked you to pray once and keep your fingers crossed twice and for that I think i might do a little give away,, just cause you are being so nice and I am being demanding...

So this is my first giveaway and  I would like you to leave a comment and tell me what I could do better to improve my blog..I will randomly pick the winner on June 20......The winner will receive a set of hair clips and  flower headband that i make and sell in my store and and bohoshop.etsy....Goodluck and have a great week...


  1. Wow - so sad about the boutique! I went in there a few weeks ago and bought a beautiful clutch. I find excuses to use it I love it so much!

    I like your blog - you are so creative. Maybe do some diy - like how to make your own headband or how to paint a dresser or something like that? I love the posts when you take a look a recreate it with things from the shop too!

  2. Hi,

    I am loving all the new pictures! I think it would be fun to post projects that you are working on. Have before and after pictures. Or tips of the day...for painting furniture, for crafts or for fashion.

  3. I just came across your blog, but I'm glad I did. The headband and hair clips are so cute! I can't really think of any improvements, but I like Sarah's idea of diy posts. I always love when I see those on other blogs. It's fun to try to make new things!


  4. Thanks Ladies,
    I will start posting before and afters as well as some diy projects..yey im excited..
    and Janene I'm glad you found my blog.. welcome