Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So on Sunday we signed the lease on our new flat in San Francisco..Excited - yes, nervous - bigger yes..
hubby will be moving next week and then I will be moving dec.28th....So needless to say the next few week will be crazy..I finish work  this sat and then I am officially a stay at home worker..Just hope people want to buy my things so I can make some money..If not out in to the big world with the thousands of others looking for work..
  I think the hardest thing for me is being confident in myself and my talent, As I look thru other crafters blogs I keep wishing I can be like them...confident,carefree, and sooo talented...
But maybe doing this fulltime will help me become more confident...I mean think about I really dont have a choice if this is what I want to do.. I have to puy myself out there to sell my things..otherwise I have only failed myself...Does this make sense to anyone else???? Do you doubt yourself and if you do how do you work thru it?

Anyways I thought I would show you a few pics of the new flat..its empty of later when we move in properly I will take more..

Have a great week....


  1. It is beautiful!! Have a safe move!

    You are VERY talented! I look at the items you make and I wish I could be that talented and creative! You are amazing!!

    I am planning on making an earring holder like the one I saw at your store for my boyfriend's sister for Christmas but I have been really second guessing myself. I am going to give it a try - thanks for the inspiration!!


  2. Sarah,
    Thank you so much for the compliment it means so much to me..
    Yey im glad you are having a go they are really easy to make but you will need good wire cutters..and i get my wire at home depot in the garden section..if you need any help or have any questions just send me an email..
    also next thurs evening i am having a trunk show at my house from 5-9..hope you can make it and if you have your materials bring them along and you can borrow my cutters if you would like...