Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I promise.....

I promise i am still alive.....just crazy busy..
Doing what you might ask?????
Well closing up my store.....Trying to sell my cute little car....Trying to organise the disaster that hit my house when I closed the store...
working on new peices of upcycled furniture..
Taking hubby away to celebrate his 40th..Selling at the WX antique market in Sacramento..

Things have been tough trying to recoup finances after closing,So im working part-time again and trying to figure out my next step of how to dig us out of the hole we got into openeing the store. Dont get me wrong I am so glad I did my long life dream of owning a store..But I do have to say Im alot less stressed now,not worring about how I am going to cover the bills on the store and the home...
As things wrpa up I will be posting more often but for now it will be alittle here and there.But I still would love you to follow and send messages I love hearing your thoughts..
Thanks again for being loyal to BOHO..


  1. You have been very busy!! Glad you took some time to relax with your hubby!!

  2. ahh thank you, it was a great couple of days yes it was great to get away from the heat...ok miss sarah its time to meet you..I am having an eclictic faire on the 31st of july. I would love for you to come...and introduce yourself :o)
    321 Coronado ave
    i hope you can make it...