Monday, February 7, 2011

Thrift Monday

I was really busy last week getting ready to do Alemeda Flea Market, so thrifting did not happen....But I thought I would share with you pics of my guestroom and go thru how frugal you can be when decorating a room..
While growing up we never had a lot of money.. (Well actually I've never had a lot of money!!!!)So my mum was always a thrifting shopper and that passed on down to me...
Now dont think that you have to like the way I decorate but you can see how cheaply it can be done and do it to your own style....
 The room has to windowns that look out to a nasty wall and the owners had put up these platic blinds..So I found this great vintage fabric for $5 (there was tons of it)Now im not at sewing but I can run up the basic curtain.they took me about 45 minutes to do plus I made a pillow to match..The bed was given to us by my aunt..the quilt cover is from Elm but we had friends that worked there so they used there discount and it was on sale..originally 100.00 and we got it for 40.00..The throw on the bed was from goodwill 5.00
The picture I made..Old frame 2.00 and then I repainted over the picture that was in it..I typed out the words then took it to staples to enlarge $1.45 and then cut out the stencil.The guitar is my sons we bought it for him last xmas from a swapmeet $40.00

This table my son made in woodworking class when he was in highschool. The candle sticks were my mums that she got second hand..The pictures above the table are old shoehorns and silver serving utensils that were my grandparents..I bought the frames from Micheals with a couppon of course and painted them..The dress I found at an Estate sale for $24.00 its beautiful..Hubby and I are renewing our vows this year and this is what I am wearing..

Ok both the desk and chair were $2.00 each..YEY me..I painted the desk my favorite color... and all the bits on the table were thrift store finds, the books were my mum's..The mirror I got in england for 5.00 and the lamp was from target on sale for $10.00
So there you have it... for around $100.00 you can decorate a room....I hope you all feel inspired to decorate beautiful rooms and be frugal at the same time...send me pics of your beautiful cheap room and I will post them on my blog...www


  1. Very nice and very inexpensive!! I am slowly decorating our house . . . very very slowly!

  2. hi Sarah, Thank you..I love decorating and changing things around....Good Luck and have fun decorating your house..