Saturday, October 10, 2009

its my friday!!!!

Happy Weekend everyone..
This week has been crazy...busy,busy,busy..I finished 5 pieces of furniture for the store and got in lots of clothes.I have also been trying to organize BOHO'S first craft/fashion fair for November..And on top of that I have family coming in from England...whew time to breathe..
So for the next two days, I'm going to enjoy good conversation, great wine and some time away..I think we are off to see some giant redwoods,a couple of rivers and maybe if I'm really lucky some shopping but,as all our visitors are men..I'm seriously doubting that will happen..
But next weekend I'm off to LA so I will definitely have my fix for shopping then..I'm very excited..Shopping and the beach what else do I need:0)
So,Im leaving with you some new picture of BOHO....Have a great weekend...

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