Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

So this week has been long and hard (not that I am complaining ok maybe I am). But im excited for tomorrow a good friend is coming into town and she is coming over for a girls night with wine food and Gossip...FUN....
I so need to give my brain a break from the stress of running my store.Now, don't get me wrong I love my little store but the worry everyday of am I going to hit my target today or even sell one item is starting to wear me out...I believe in my self and my store but its just hard sometimes to keep your chin now I got that off my chest..Thank you for listening..
      I did finish this piece(I named her Charlie) this week. And it was heading for the store but oops it got stuck in my living room and just wouldn't budge..I think it looks happy there..What do you think???

Have a flippin fantastic weekend....


  1. Hi! I can understand. Yes, I don't run a store, but I have been pretty sad about my Etsy store lately. Like you said, Chin up and keep on going. PS: I love your store!

  2. Cori thank you for the encouragement..Sometimes you just need other people to tell you those things....