Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weekly Comparison

Miranda Kerr's Street Style
I know I havent done this in awhile...My computer has its own mind and will only be kind once in awhile.Today seems to be a good day..
The top outfit cost well over $2000.00 and the bottom one from BOHO Boutique.....
Jacket   $14.99(brand new still has tags)Vintage
Jeans    $15.99 BEBE
Tank     $3.99 old navy
Scarf     $10.49 handmade by local artist
Shoes   $15.49 now half price Steve Madden
Purse    $ 15.99 vintage
If your purse strings are as tight as mine right now, you have to be smart by shopping consignment and thrift..Not only will you save lots and lots you will also be the individual in the pack..
Happy Wed..

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