Monday, January 31, 2011

thrift finds

So my friday post didnt happen this week..I think I should of thought first about doing a thrift post on friday as most of my finds are on the weekend..So from this week im going to change it to Monday's..Silly me..
I didnt find much this week. Well actually I only found one item..

I went to this estate sale marked most items $5.00. Well im not sure where they were as everything was hugely over priced..dresses at 150.00 jewelry at dont get me wrong these items were beautiful, but I dont think they warranted the price tags on them..

On Saturday hubby and I went into the Mission district and found a great thrift store that actually was not badly priced I was very happy.(I didnt find anything there this time but at least I now know where to go)The problem with San Francisco is that all of the thrift stores I am finding are hugely overpriced..I mean 26.00 for a gap sweater(REALLY)But im back up to Roseville this week so hopefully I will find some bargins...

So without any further is the vintage blouse I did get at the estate sale..I paid 7.00 for it which is not to bad but not a steal..

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