Monday, March 28, 2011

how was your weekend....

  Friday I went to an Estate sale...there wasnt much there..ok let me rephrase that there was tons there but not much for me...I did get some great vintage postcards from England that I am going to use as save the date invites for our renewing or vows ceremony in July..A cute little book and a Beatles lunch box for my son as he loves them...
  But I also went to a Goodwill Depot( now Im not sure if I am excited about this place or not..Cheap..Definately..But very dirty and smelly you just dig through bins of crap and hope you will find great things..
Which yes I did.

1. a vintage globe for my daughter ( I had found one the week before at my local GW but it was 24.00 Yikes)way to expensive but this one a 1.00 yes a 1.00.
2. some glass for my ceremony(its all going to be recycled)
3. 4 vintage dresses..yey me..
5. 3 books
6. vintage sheet
7. purse
 They weigh it all and then tell your price...and my total was... wait for it..
$11.00 I know right..Great deal.. So I guess I have to put the smellyness(is that a word) out of my mind and go there again next time im in my hometown..
I also picked up a new piece of furniture to work on form anothere thrift store...
Here are some pics of my finds...

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