Monday, March 14, 2011


It was a busy week...I finished a dresser,posted it on craigslist,sold it,yey me!!!and then delivered it on sunday..Goodbye Miss margret..Soon I will have to keep a piece I finsh for me. I could do with something pretty to look at...
My sons best friends had there baby this week and he is just beautiful..So because they live in portland and all of there good friends live in calif..and my son is in Italy. I came up with the idea of making baby bohdi a blanket made out of the friends t-shirts..I finished it just in time and shipped it off last week..I hope they love it..
I really didnt do any thrifting this week as we did volunteer work this weekend, and also not having a car makes it extremly difficult to get around..But I did score these great mugs last weekend at an estate sale..and there was 6 of them!!!
We are off to Texas on thurs to see our good friends..Im so excited to see them..And I get to go to Austin!!!!!!Ive wanted to go there for a long time..I will take lots of pics and post them next week..
Hope you have a great Monday!!!
1. miss Margret
2. baby blanket
3. mugs


  1. What an awesome idea for a blanket!! It turned out beautiful!

  2. Thanks Sarah,
    I usually make blankets for the new babies, but I tend to buy the material..And with this one I thought I would make it more personal..I really like how it turned out..I think this will become my new baby blanket gift..