Thursday, April 22, 2010

just some randomness...

1. My mum loved to read and we always had books everywhere in out house..So I get that from her. I love reading books fiction,travel,decorating you name it i have it..And this picture is only about a 1/4 of my collection...
2. I love paper and use it in refurbishing my furniture, and I am going to try and make a journal for my BFF when she comes out in August..So, I will use some of my paper on that..I will let you know how it turns out..
3.Hats.. LOVE THEM!!!! I use to think I looked like a boy in them but now I dont or dont care if I do...LOL
4. Butterflies...I have always thought they are beautiful..But since my mum passed 2 years ago, I always see them in my yard when i am sitting on the porch.  I think its her telling me everything is going to be ok..
5,6,7,8, and 9. Ok I know it looks bad... my biggest collection is jewelry I love how easily jewelry is to wear.
It can change a whole outfit, it can hide your flaws it can make you feel beautiful,it can bring back memories or make new ones....It can be passed down for generations...I'm sorry but what is there not to love about jewelry!!!!
I hope you like d my collections..Tell me what some of your are I would love to know!!!!


  1. I love the way you display your earrings!!

  2. Thanks Sarah, I make these and sell them in the shop...I love them i think jewelry should be displayed like art..sometimes though Im sure hubby doesnt think