Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekly Compairison

Spring. <3
Spring. <3 by
Hi lovelies, I know the compairison is not quite the same in colors but, please remember I am working with what I have at the store...I try to get it as close as possicble.
 BOHO's prices.....Skirt $5.99  Tank  2.99  Belt $2.00 Shoes $10.99 Necklace $3.99 and the Purse $150.00(deerskin imitation PRADA)

Comparison prices Skirt $18.99   Top $785.00(I KNOW REALLY!!)Purse $280.00
Anyway's as you can see BOHO is the place to shop...
I hope you all have a lovely weekend..Me, Im working all of it..BOO...see you next week..

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