Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainy Friday....

Another day of rain...but tomorrow they promise SUN...Oh how I pray they are right, I don't think I can go another day with rain...But on the other hand if I had this living-room I wouldn't mind staying in out of the rain.
This weekend I will be working at the store(moving things around & putting new items out..) and then hubby and I will be doing the taxes to see how much we didnt make last year:0(..
so, I hope you all have a much better weekend then I, and see you next week...


  1. The rain is a bummer, huh. I live in Washington and have to deal with it all the time and I still don't like it that much. Congratulations on starting your own business at 40 and doing what you want. I'm 44 and I'm getting my own interior and event design business going this year. I've done a little bit the past two years, but I plan on working harder to get more business and really get it going this year.

  2. that's a pretty couch!I didn't,there are like -15 degrees here so just stayed home:)

  3. Thank you Melissa and congratulations to you too..I have to say starting my business was the most rewarding thing I have ever done.(other then having my family of course)I wish you all the luck and just enjoy yourself...

    Nookie if it was -15 here I would never go out..But in saying that I did live in England for 17 years and you sort of have to get use to the weather or you would never get anything